Ghost Ghost


Here I come with some Christmas pictures for my dear friends! <33
I’m sorry that I did not upload them yesterday, I got pretty early to bed, so to speak. XDD

I’m going to draw some more pictures for more people, they might just take some time <333
These people I haven’t known for very long, but I hope I will learn to know you guy’s better! *hugs*
Loves you all!
First off, a little something for Rae! ( raeosnowflake / star-embrace) <3image

Merry Christmas sweetie!

Next! SPAAADAH, here you go~~ <3 ( roadrollered / holysworddurandal )
Hope you like it! (sorry if i got some things wrong) OTL 

And the last present for today, (at least for now) Is for our best Raven around!  (Tenrui / Vanji-lost ) <33
A Merry O’l Christmas for ya! <3 

 I hope you all like them! :3c
*snuggles you all* 

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